Monday, September 17, 2012

Doin it Well

I sat there shuffling in my seat and avoided any eye contact with him. Out of all the things he wanted to talk about he wanted to pick the god damn kiss first. I could feel his eyes burning holes into the side of my face awaiting for me to crack first. 

I cleared my throat. " If you want to talk about it talk about I'm listening", I stated in a unconvincing tone. He chuckled lowly and got up from his seat and walked over from his seat to mine. He sat right in front of me on the edge of my desk. 

" Well all I wanted to know is how you felt after you kissed me ", he smirked. 

I rolled my eyes, " Look Drake I-I felt nothing ok-okay", I stuttered miserably. 

He laughed softly. " If you didn't feeling nothing then why you stuttering baby girl huh , do I make you uncomfortable ?" , he question while leaning in more towards my face. " No " I spoke lowly. 

" Then are you avoiding eye contact with me huh , look at me Nicki". 

He brought he his hand down to my face and cuffed it making me look directly in his eyes. It felt like was getting lost in a sea of hazel. Before I knew it his lips where inching towards mine. He lightly kissed my lips sending shivers down my spin. I roped my hands around his neck deepening the kiss. I poked my tongue button his lips waiting for entrance to his mouth. Our tongues danced as he groped on my ass. I moaned low which knocked me out of my sexually frustrated trance. I pushed him off and slapped him across his face. 

" Drake you're married what the fuck", I yelled

I looked him in his eyes. They began to change color...into a startling blue color. I stepped back from him  as his whole demeanor shift.  This wasn't the person I was just in the room with, this was a different side of Drake. I could feel his stare burn holes in the side of my face. I glanced up to see him admiring my body making me blush. 

I was the first to speak ," Umm Drake wh-why are your eyes blue"
A sly smirk spread across his face. "Baby my name isn't Drake it's Aubrey", he voice sounded so smooth yet cold and sinster. 

I scrunched my face in confusion. " Well duh nigga of course your name is Aubrey , I know that already", I spat.
He laugh was dark and mono-toned. It sent chills done my spine. 

He shook his head as he spoke ," Naw baby girl I am Aubrey no Drake just Aubrey".

I stared at him blankly as he moved closer to me. I walked backwards until I felt the cold glass on my back. I rested his hands on windows as he head dropped down to my face. I could feel his cool breathe tickle my lips. 

" Onika", the way he said my name sent me over the edge, " Look at me when I'm talking to you", he spoke with so much authority. I tilted my head up getting my head lost into his crystal blue eyes.

" Yes ", I said above a whisper.

" Will you be mine".......

" N-noo we can never be Drake your married that would be wrong and I am not a home wrecker", I spat.

He shook his head at me. " Who even said I wanted the broad huh ". I gave a 'what the fuck look". 

" You did nigga that's why you popped the question to her duhhh", I said a a knowing tone. 

" I didn't but Drake did, I wanted you. I wanted you since the day I saw clock that nigga at the back of my party", he smirked. 

I looked at him confused until that memory flooded my mind. " That was your party and that was you outside". 

He nodded his head while licking his lips. 

" Yea after that I started keeping tabs on you , basically looking out for you keeping you out of harms way also yo' moms needed somebody to protect you since you won't listen to her and get out of the game."

My mouth dropped. " So my own mother got my ass a fucking baby sitter to look over me!"

" Yup that sums it up ", he laughed.  I cut my eyes at him , " It's not funny Drake".

He stopped laughing  and gave me a hard look. " I told you my  name is Aubrey girl so you will call me that got it ", he demanded. 

" First off muthafucka I don't care who the fuck you are you are not going to be talking side ways to me " , I spat. In swift movement his hand was around my throat and my body was pressed hard against the window. 

" As your protector you will do what I say or this little arrangement we got here ain't got be so smooth", I spoke roughly into my neck. He started to place small kisses on my neck. His tongue was tracing hearts on my neck making me knees weak. " You got that Onika", he said as he bite my neck hard. 

" Yes ! ", I moaned out. I felt him smile across my neck. His hand slowly crept down to my thighs and upstream to my panties. " Aubrey wh-what are you doing", I groaned out. Before I could utter another word his fingers where inside of me . He pumped slowly. 

 " Oh fuck Aubrey" I cried out. He said nothing all he did was suck and bite on my neck. I knew hickies were starting to form . 

He curved his finger inside of me hitting me g-spot. I tried to push him off but it was a epic fail. " Aubrey pl-please stop", I begged which only made him go faster. I gripped on his shoulders and bite his neck as rode out my orgasm on his fingers. He removed his hands and licked my juices off his fingers. 

" Mmmm you taste real good, like mangoes", he smirked. He looked at his watch then at me " Welp I should be heading off but I'll be seeing you soon ma", he pecked my lips and was on his merry way leaving me stunned once again. 


  1. O__O Where do I begin? O_O
    Ok so...Drake is Aubrey's alter egon and vice versa? If so, Drake needa divorce his wife like NOW. Cuz NO. Nic&Aub r more important right now. And whoa, Aubrey got a lil controlling back there. I was a lil scared. LordT. Did that just happen? (;
    Nice chapter. Can't wait to see where this goes!

  2. Drake Kinky >.< lol
    And why was he alittle aggresive with Nik ?! That's hot though a guy that knows how to handle <3
    Awuhhhhh they too cute though !! I wonder what Nicki is going to tell her mom though !!
    They need to get together quick !
    Thank you for posting, we've been waiting for this moment :')

  3. Okay Drake's little annoying wife needs to go somewhere I didn't forget how bitchy she was in that other chapter and it was kind of hot how Drake was being so controlling, I wonder if his eyes turn any other color... hmmmm this was an AMAZING chapter but why do you keep dropping the chapters off like that you better update soon!

  4. Wait. I'm confused. When did Drake get married? I thought that girl was his fiancee o_O I'll have to re-read this. But WOAH at Aubrey is sexy af! Blue eyes...niggah! I didn't appreciate him grabbing on her like that but at the same time it was sexy so I won't complain. But Milli, I need more. These lil previews & short chapters are driving me crazy. Loved this chapter tho. PLease update soon :)

  5. Ion get it... he has a split personality or something? And TF was he thinking putting his hands on her like that? ..... I guess....

  6. :oooo Drake got has a split personality?!?! And the way he turned into Aubrey was a lil scary but like sexy at the same time! And blue eyes.... MY NIGGUH! He sounds sexy af ^_^ but whoaaa there homeboy gotta calm down a little, he can't be hurting Nicki like that. This was good, a lil confusing tho but I'm sure you'll clear all that in the next chapter, post soooon loved it! :)