Friday, October 19, 2012

Friends ?

2 months later

I was woken up by the sound of my Iphone going off. I grabbed my phone off the charger and unlocked the screen without locking.

" What ", I mumbled.

" Damn it's that the best way to greet yo bestfriend ", he said. I rolled my eyes. " Drake it's like 8 in the fucking morning why the hell are you calling me this early of a Saturday at that huh ", I questioned .

I know probably thinking what the fuck bestfriends right? Well me and Drake have gotten pretty close after the little encounter in my office and NO it ain't physical more like emotional. He kind of became my support system through this life. Even when his alter-Ego " Aubrey"  comes in to play I can tolerate him. His Fiancee ' I still can't he believe he still with ha' ass' wasn't so happy about it.

I can still remember the day she caught me sleep in his guest with nothing but his shirt on.


" AUBREY DRAKE GRAHAM WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT ?!?!?! , she hollered waking me up out my sleep. 

I had just pulled an all nighter and asked Drake if he could scoop me up since I wasn't fit to drive. 

" AYO calm yo ass down with that screaming shit alright", I said in my nicest tone. 

The look she gave me was priceless. " Oooo so you just run shit around here huh " I rolled my eyes " Never said that you just assuming shit".

" What the fuck ever where is Aubrey ??"

" I'm right here baby what's the problem", he said coming out the bathroom with nothing but a towel on.

I couldn't lie Papi was looking right. I bite my lip.  She shot me a look. 

" Go put some clothes now so we can go ", she spat and then exited out the room.

" Alright damn ", he said. He went to the closet and pulled out a fit. He began going back in the bathroom when out of nowhere her ass screamed . " In OUR room Drake".

I couldn't contain my laughter. " Yea she's a keeper. 

End of flashback 

" Well I know yo ass be tired and shit so I wanted to take you a vacation with me ", I could see his smirk through the phone.

" OH fuck naw ole' girl gone trip ".

" Please she don't run shit but her mouth ", he said defending himself.

" Mhmmmm right but I still don't trust you or the ' other ' you ".

" Calm on please Nic I promise will be on our best behavior " , he pleaded.

I couldn't help but smile. " Ok but if even think about trying something slick I'm out that bitch ".

" Deal , I suggest you get ready cause I just pulled up ". I sucked my teeth " Nigga why didn't tell me this a day ahead I take forever to pack.

He laughed , " No need got everything taken cared of".

" Boy I ain't bout to go nowhere with you with no clothes and shit you trippen".

There he go with this laugh again. " Trust me Nic when yo best friend say he got this he got this. "

" Hmmm whatever nigga, just come in cause I'm about to take a shower".

" Ooo free peep show". I gave him a fake laugh , " hahhaha you real cute ".

I hoped out of my bed while grabbing the outfit I had already picked out and my toiletries.

I turned on my shower setting the temp to the perfect heat level. I then stripped and got in .

I was in the middle of washing when I felt a cold breeze shoot through. I just ignored it again when I felt two warm ass hands wrap around me waist.

My bed was froze. I was about to grab my scrubber and attack this intruder when his soft voice rang through my ear.

" Taking a shower and didn't invite yo best friend now that's mean ain't it Onika" , he spoke smoothly sending chills down my spin.

I turned around in his grip. I stared at him in his piercing blue eyes. " A-Aubrey what are doing in here " , I strutted.

" Just helping a friend ", he winked at me.

His hands began to caress my sides which gradually turned into him rubbing inbetween my thighs. I felt my breathe catch in my throat.

Oh hell no I can't.

" Oh no no no Aubrey get out NOW ", I shot at him.

He face changed into a deep scowl but he exited without a word.  I put my hand on my beating chest. I breathed out a sigh and quickly got changed.

I flew through my hygiene and makeup. I grabbed my phone and my purse and walked down stairs. I could feel the tension in the room.

" Drake I'm ready", he said nothing and just got up and walked to the door. I sucked my teeth .

Oh what fun vacation this will be.....


  1. Aww they cute as besties but hell no,I'd have to cuss his ass out for calling me that early on top of waiting til the last minute to tell me that he's taking me on vacation smh that's a nigga for you lol but LMFAO at that flashback! Ole girl really was tripping but then again, if a bad bitch like Nicki was up in a guest room with nothing but my man's shirt on, I'd be feeling some kinda way as well but damnit Aubz -_- you're suppose to behave, seeing as your counterpart has a finace (whom he needs to dump). This is gonna get awkward xP

  2. I love when he is Aubrey lmaooo . Loved the chapter. Post Soooooon ! -@YoAmoOnika

  3. So they bezzies now? Oh? LMAOOOO who calls someone at 8am saying we going on vacation nigga please. Drake needs to sort out that bitch he calls his "finacee" & nic right ole' girl gone TRIP when she find out drizzy's gone offf with nic ( ; lets hope 'aubrey' makes an appearance. Wait..LMAOOOO did drake just hop in the shower with her?! & now he pissed off cause she told him to get out when she even said any funny business & im out of her LOLOL she knows she wanta papi's D ( ;
    Post soon ive been waiting for this story for a while =p great update

  4. Best friends? Yeah, ok. Lmao @ Nic tellin his fiance not 2 yell in her own house. :x
    Aubrey all up in her showerrrr. This vacation should be INTERESTING.
    P.S. I'm not here for these short ass chapters. I feel like I'm being teased! :(( Anyway, loved it. Update soon. :p

  5. THIS IT?
    Grrrrrrrrrrr (>_<)
    Lol Nic is stupid. lmaooo she laughed at her. That's mean.
    And Aubrey sexy ass needs to calm down. Can't believe they became besties tho. Cute chap :)

  6. YASSSSSSSSSSSS LOVE ITTT !!! Longer please and one more thing can you stop writing with the backround, the words blends in, theres so much my little glasses can see xoxo -Lesline

  7. Okay Aubrey is getting to be sexier and sexier by the second. Oh my damn, this was soooooo great, but seriously HeyPrettyNicki is right, nobody likes a tease! We know ur busy, but this is suck a great sory with an amazing writer, please make the chapters long like you use to.

  8. I liked this chapter. Wish you would make them longer and have more happen in them. Drake mad weird for just going into her shower like that, it was really random. Post soon.

  9. Awwwwww @ them being best friends now! ^_^ That's super cute! Their whole conversation in the morning was all types of adorable! Oh and lmfaooo that flashback gave me life! It's bout time that irrelevant ass female dog leaves Drake's life. I hope they break up so my babies can get together! We all know they have a LOT of sexual tension b/w them! I.e. That shower Aubrey just wants to gets it innnn! Ha, I ca't wait to see how this vacation goes :)) POST SOOON!

  10. Its about to go zown on the vacation.