Saturday, December 8, 2012

Paradise Part 2.

I didn't what I was doing but at this moment it felt so right. Our tongues danced as his hands caressed my sides. The waves rocked against our bodies as I roped my legs around his waist. My nails gripped his neck as he deepened the kiss. Our lips popped once we broke apart. His gaze made me blush. When I looked back at him I saw him not his aggressive counter part. I saw the man that saved my life. The one who stood by me when I pushed him away. The man I am slowly falling for .He pecked my lips before they retreated to my neck. I arched it giving it more access. His hands made there way to the inner parts of my thighs. He pushed my panties to the side and grazed his fingers on my love box. My skin broke out in goosebumps. I grabbed his neck harder as he snaked his finger inside of me.

The way he was making me feel was crazy. I don't remember feeling like this before. It was like it was my first time , but with more feeling.

Was our feelings really that deep? 

I moaned as I felt him rub against my G-spot. My nails sunk into his skin as my walls clutch his finger. My eyes rolled in the back of my head as I reached my peak. He pulled out his finger and licked my juices off. I blushed hard and grabbed his face tasting myself. When I broke the kiss he grabbed my hand and lead us back to shore.


He laid my down on the makeshift blanket on the sand. My body was tingling from his touch . He lowered his body on to mine. He pushed my hair out on the way placing small kisses all over my face. I giggled as his kisses made there way lower down my to my now throbbing clit. He smiled as he gripped my inner thighs biting and nipping at them. I bite my lips holding back the moans that where trying to escape from my mouth. He slowly pulled down my panties flinging them somewhere on the beach. I could feel his cool breath on my other set of lips. I shuddered as he french my clit. My hand soon was tangled in his short curls pushing him deeper. He sucked and bite my pussy. I began to whimper and flail. His tongue swam inside my ocean. I soon felt his finger enter. My back instantly arched. His name rolled off my tongue as pumped into my slowly.

My legs made they way around his neck as I felt my second orgasm beginning to hit me. I pushed his head further and he bit down on my clit and blew on it making me lose it. I came hard on his tongue. He lapped up my juices with his tongue. I petted his head as kissed back up to my lips. Our kissed became intense as my hands gripped his trunks. I looked down to see he was rock hard.  I pulled down his shorts and his manhood popped out like a jack in the box. My hands stroked his member. His breathed hardened as I stroked harder gripping the head. I pushed my down and propped my legs on his shoulders. He kissed my hard. As squeezed his way inside of my tiny hole. My nails raked his skin as he pumped into my slowly. I put my fingers in his back dimples pushing him further inside of me. I gasped as he pushed my legs more up to my head. I could feel him in the pit of my stomach. I clutched my walls as he slipped in out of my. " D-don't know that shit ", he said through a groaned. I smiled as did it again. A smirked played on his face he flipped my over making take him feeling in. I dug my nails into the side of his body. I slowly rolled my hips. He hands stayed planted on my ass I as began to move in face pace. I bounced up and down. I squeezed my walls every time I came to the tip of his dick. He smacked my ass gripping hard. My moans and his groans echoed on the beach.

I could feel him getting fatter inside of me and I could feel my orgasm build once again. He tapped my ass signaling me to get off. " Ass up face down " , he whisper in my ear. That shit made my lips jump. I did as I was told and assumed the position. His hands gripped on my waist as entered me roughly. I  gripped the blanket biting my lip. " Nuh I wanna hear you  " , he grabbed my hair pulling me back. My back was against his as he worked me from under. Obscenities and moans flew through my mouth. I could feel my cum beginning leak out of me. He gripped my shoulders thrusting in and out of me. " DRAKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" , was all you heard as I squirted all over his lower have. I felt him cum deep inside of me. My body went lip in his arms as he held me up. He pushed the my sweaty out of my face and gave me a deep sensual kiss. Soon after that my body scummed to sleep.


I felt something cool and wet in between my legs. I looked around to see that in fact we where back in the hotel. I looked under the covers to see a beautiful sight. Drake was eating me like no tomorrow. I bite my swore lip as he tongue downed my other set of lips. Ecstasy raced over my body as I feel my juices release into his mouth. He cleaned me up before giving me a peck on lips.

" Good Morning beautiful", his smile was like a ray of sunshine.

I smiled , " Good morning " I said hoarsely.

I frowned at my voice. Which in returned he laughed. I pouted and crossed my arms over my bare chest. I stuck my tongue out at him. " Again damn can a nigga get a break ", I rolled my eyes and wobbled my  way to the bathroom. My legs felt like jello. I smiled as the memories of last night flash back in my head. I gasped as I looked into the mirrow. My hair was a mess and my body was covered in bite marks and hickies. I blew the hair out of my face as I began to run a shower. I walked out the room to see Drake not there. I shrugged my shoulders and got my bath essentials and went back to get in the shower. After that I dressed myself in a pink shorts jump suit.

I walked out to see a little mini breakfast on a serving tray on the bed. I smiled to myself. I picked up the plate to find a little not attached to it.

Breakfast for a beautiful woman. Sorry I had to leave like that but I'll be back soon had to handle some business , DG

I smiled as I ate my heart shaped pancakes. After I finished my breakfast I decided to check on my business. I looked on my phone to see 50 missed calls and 130 unread messages. I crinkled my brows in confusion. I knew shit didn't pop off while I was out.

I scrolled through my messages to see orders for more products , meetings , recruiting nothing new. But I got to a certain message I nearly broke my phone.


I think I got what you looking for - T

Monday, December 3, 2012

Paradise Part 1

The car ride to the private was silent. I guess Aubrey must've done a number on her this morning. I looked over to her to see her gazing out the window. Her profile was beautiful. Everything about was her beautiful. I guess she saw me starring cause when I looked up she had her eyes cut at me.

" Look I'm sorry for what Aubrey did you know how is when he's around you", I stated.

She rolled her eyes and just keep gazing out the window. I sighed as I turned the car into the runway. We pulled up to the jet. My men began to pack our bags into the suitcase department. We both got out I couldn't help to look at her eyes in that sun dress as we boarded the plane.

We both sat apart from each other I sat on the right and she sat on the left.

"Our take off will proceed ", the flight attendant chirped.

We both buckled up and as the plane began to take off. I looked over to see Nic's body tense up. Her face read worry and distress. I unbuckled myself from my seat and went to go sit by her. " Nic are you okay?" She nodded her head sheepishly but I knew she was lying. I unbuckled her from her seat and sat her on my lap. She immediately melted into me.

She stuck her head into the crook of my neck. Not to soon I hears light snores fill my ears I laughed to myself as my body began to succumb to sleep.


"We have landed in Anguilla ", the flight attendant voice rang to the plane.

I began to stretch but my arms where restrained with his. I looked up to see his peaceful face. I smiled at his sleeping state. He looked so cute.
I began absentmindedly tracing his face. I guess he felt me touch on him because he started to stir in his sleep. He open his big beautiful hazel and gave me a small smile.

" hey ".

"Hi, uhh thanks for comforting me on the ride I don't really do planes", I said while fiddling with my fingers. The vibrations from his laugh rattled her body.

" It's okay I like holding you like this.", he said while wiggling his eyebrows. I looked down to see where still in our previous stance. I quickly shot up.

" Uh yea let's get going shall we ", he shot a blank look but proceeded out the plane.

We took a small boat off the island to what he called "Paradise" island.

We where greeted by 3 native island woman dressed in grass skirts and bandeaus. They gave us coconuts filled with this delicious smoothy flavored drink. We walked about a half a mile before we arrived at this gorgeous loft.

" This all you ", I asked. He gave me a kool-aid smile. I rolled my eyes as I trudged my suitcases up to the door. I gasped out loud as I took in the black and gold scheme of the house. "Oh wow Drake this is really beautiful". I said in awe. He nodded in agreement.

"Make yourself at home I'm bout to take a quick shower than we can get our day started", he said while went upstairs.

I shouted okay before going to the kitchen to fix me something to eat. I fixed myself some ice cream and went back into the livimg room. I turned on the t.v and went straight to watching Forensic Falls Marathon. I was right in the middle of a good part when my bladder decided to act up. I shot up stairs not knowing where the bathroom is. I busted into a room when I came face to face with a naked drake. I was so caught in the moment I didn't see him move in closer.

His breathe tickled my ear. " You like what you see ?". I looked up to see his eyes weren't those soft ones I usually see. I swallowed the wad that was stuck in my throat and backed up to the door. " Umm can you uhh please bring back Drake ", I asked nicely. He chuckled darkly. " I think me and Drake both gone enjoy this ", he said while closing the door and locking it..

I gulped as he stalked towards. I scooted back until I hit a wall. I felt so small when with his tall body towering over me. His eyes pierced mines It was like he was looking inside of me. " Aubrey please you'll ruin everything if you do this ", I pleaded. He still took advances on me. He scooped me into his arms and laid me down on the bed. I sat there awaiting my fate. I didn't think this would happen again. Especially not by someone I grew to actually care for. I could feel his eyes invading my body. I cringed at the thought of him taking advantage of me.

"Onika ", that familiar voice rang in my ear. sat up to see disappointed written in his face. I crawled at the end of the bed and pulled him down by his hand. I put his head on my chest as I rocked back and forth soothing him. " Drake I think you need some time of help or guidance", he nodded his head as he caressed my back. " I know I thought I could control him but being around you brings him out more than usual", I wondered to myself why but didn't want to press the issue. " I'm sorry if I offended you in anyway I understand if you to fly back home. I looked down to his hazel eyes that I came to adore. " No I want to spend time with my bestfriend and that's what I'm going to do ", his faced from in a koolaid smile. " Okay uhhh let me go put some clothes on and we could get our day started", I blushed remembering that he was naked. I couldn't help but admire him as he sauntered of to the walk in closet.


"Drake I didn't agree to anything like this ", fear seeped my voice as I tribbled looking down at the deep blue ocean. I felt his grip on my hand tighten." Don't worry girl I got you and if you fall I'll follow I take my last breath just to save you.", I wide smile broke out on my. Our feet dangled as the air glided us higher in the sky. Drake crazy ass decided to we should go wind surfing. I don't why I agree knowing I don't like water or getting my hair wet. But it was making him happy so I was okay with it. He intertwined our fingers as the wind blew us higher in the sky.

After our little water adventure. Drake took us back to the loft to change for dinner. In the pit of my stomach I had little butterflies going off. I don't why I was so nervous I mean me and Drake have been around each other alot lately so what's making this moment different? My mind kept going back to the little incident back in the bedroom. It  was still floating in my mind.

What if Aubrey showed up ?

I can't face him. It's like when I'm around him I get real shy and timid. And me being me is strange cause I don't really show this side... well the only time I acted this way was with him.....
Which I didn't want to think about that at this time. My thoughts where interrupted my soft knocks on my bathroom door.
 " Nic you almost ready our reservations are at 8 and it's almost 7:3O  " , Drake asked on the side of the door. I quickly put on my pink MAC lipstick and sprayed my Pink Friday perfume on me. I got up to see Drake looking dashing as ever in his Armani suit. " You look beautiful Nicki" , I blushed , " Thank you Drake you don't look to bad yourself", he popped his collar.

" Well you know how I do ", he smirked at me as we descended down the stairs. I playful hit him on shoulder. " Don't get to cocky Drake ". Just as where were about to open the door to leave. Drake told he had forgot something upstairs. I arched my eyebrow " , Really Drake you rushed me but you ass forgot something", I spat.

" Calm down Nic it'll only take me a minute wait for me in the car kay?", he said before rushing back upstairs. I sucked my teeth but did as he said and got in the car. I was outside for a good 15 minutes before his ass decided to waltz out side with a smile on his face. That is one pet peeve of mine. I hate waiting on people. I rolled my eyes as we pulled out the parking lot.

The car was long and silent. Drake was vibing with the music why I was still a little pressed on why his ass took so long. I turned down the radio to catch his attention. " So.. what took you so long to get to the car huh " , questioned him . " Uhhh don't worry about it okay" , I rolled my eyes.

" Whateva man".

 I heard him take in a deep breath. " Don't be like that Nic can't we just have a good time no arguing." , he pleaded with me. I mumbled a yes while a triumphant played on his lips. We finally pulled up to this island restaurant which may I add was too cute. He took my hand as we walked up to the door. I felt goosebumps rise on my arms.

" Umm reservations under The Grahams", I shot him a look which he ignored. The lady nodded her head as she lead us to our table. " So when did we get married Drake " , I said poking at his side. He laughed nervously. " When you agreed to go on this trip with me " , he winked at me. I bent my head down trying to hide my rosey red cheeks. We finally got our table and ordered. While we where waiting my mind was still itching on what he went back inside for but I didn't press it.

Our food finally came . We had our little side conversations. When we finished Drake waved the waitress over and payed for our bill which I was kindly happy to pay half for but being the man that he his he paid for everything and left a nice reasonable tip.

As we where riding in the car I felt my self get sleep, soon my back succumbed to the welcoming blackness.


When I woke I heard waves crashes on a shore. I looked out the car window to see Drake setting up a beautiful candle lit blanket area. My face was beaming as I approached him . I took a notice that he changed his whole outfit. He was wearing only swim trunks. " I see the sleeping beauty has finally woke up " , he smiled . I nodded my as I struggled to sit down on the blanket. Just as I was about to finally sit down my whole dress split down the middle in the back. I damn near screamed bloody murder.

" Maybe I should have told you I had clothes for you to change in before you attempted that huh ?" , I cut my eyes at him . " You fucking thinking ", I spat.

He chuckled as he grabbed a black Gucci duffle and handed it to me. I looked around for any type of building but there where none. " So where am I suppose to change at ", a devilish grin landed on his face. " Well you could change right he-" .

" Not gonna happen next option", he laughed. " Or you could change in the car your pick".

 I dashed to the car. When I got in I looked in the bag to see a cute but itty bitty pink swinsuit. I rolled my eyes.  " This nigga forreal thinking I'm bout to wear this small ass thing around him ", I said to myself. I rummaged through the back to see a sheer shall for me to wear. I thanked God it was in there. I quickly changed and head back to him .

When I approached him I swore his eyes damn near popped out his skull. I giggled. " Umm my eyes are up here sir", he laughed nervously as he downed his drink.

" Sorry about that I uhh just can't help it sometimes your so damn beautiful Onika" , the butterflies returned on full effect when he said that. " Umm thanks Drake for this and uhh being there for me in my time of need your a really good friend" , I spoke softly.

" You know I would do anything for you Nic" , he smiled at me.

" Why?" , I asked.

" What ?".

" Why would you do anything for me I mean you barely know me but yet you saved my life countless amount of times even when I pushed you away ",  he shrugged his shoulders.

I shook my head " That's not a answer Drake I wanna know why do you care so much about me ?".

It took a minute before he actually said something. " I guess with you it comes naturally to me. It's like I have to protect you no matter what. Even if it seems strange I just know I have to because I care for you more than I should a woman that's not my fiance", he said lowly.

 I was in awe at what he said. I know he had feelings for me but not to the point where I was more to him than his soon to be wife.

" Drake that's really sweet but I- ", he cut me off with his hand. " I know Nic I know you don't see me that way plus you don't want to be the cause of a broken relationship", the sadness in his voice stuck out to me. He sighed heavily as he picked him self up and walked straight into the cool water. He was under there for a long time. I began to panic as I rushed into the water head first. I swam out to the spot where he was at. I looked around frantically but still no sign off him . " Drake !!!!!!" , I screamed but nothing responded but my echoes. I felt something wrap around my foot and pull me under. I flailed around trying to resurface to get some air. But the thing wouldn't let me . When I turned around to face it my heart returned to it's regular pace. It seemed like we where starring at each for minutes before his lips pressed on to mine......