Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Resistance

Me and Lee'lee have been riding around the city to every hotspot and or business location that Nic is associated with. We even went to family's houses and believe me that was not a pleasant thing to say to the person whose suppose to keeping a eye on their daughter. We are now sitting in the parking lot of Nic's last drop off. My mind was all over the place. To know that I was the last one to see her alive and well brought chills down my spine. To be the last one to hold and kiss....made my heart stop.

My phone vibrated in my pocket signaling I had a text message. I sighed and grabbed my Iphone out and slide the bar to unlock it. It was a text from an unknown number. 

Unknown : 212-974-1245

Check your voicemail and you will find your answer. 

I scrunched my face in confusion. I knew it was my only lead so I went to my voice mail and found the unknown number with the message. Whoever it was had breathing problems or sounded like they ran a marathon. The voice on the end seemed to be masked with a device a sound changer of some sort. " If you want baby girl , which I know you do. I need a half a million dollars waiting at the Marriot Hotel in the next 15 minutes or shawty ain't gone make it", with that he hung up. I took the phone off my ear and looked at the phone like it was crazy. My blood was beyond boiling. I beeped my horn to get Lee'lee ass out of there Onika's life is a stake. 


I literally was doing 100 mph down the damn streets. Lee'Lee was begging me slow down. But we didn't have time . I had to get to her. I had less than 5 minutes less because I had to withdraw almost a million dollars out of my account, but money wasn't even the subject of the matter only Onika was.

We arrived at the hotel with minutes to spare. I gave Lee'Lee the money and the directions to where to drop off the money. I made sure she had her gun her so if  anything went wrong she have it with her. We both hopped out the car and went our separate ways. I literally sprinted to her room. When I finally made it to the door. The sight I say was ghastly. The room was completely destroyed. There was blood on the floor even on the curtains. I looked to the bed to see her sprawled across it. 

I prayed to God I wasn't too late. Even in that state that she was in she was still beautiful. I felt her pulse which was faint. I grabbed a towel out of the bathroom which also destroyed and the bath tub was a pale pink color. I rushed back over to Nicki wrapped her body in the towels and took her straight to the hospital. 


I sat there awaiting in the doctor's office. One of my hands fiddled with the zipper on my jacket while the other absentmindedly rubbed my belly. I was close to 2 months pregnant. I was only sixteen I knew I couldn't take of no kids plus the father was a fucking dead beat wouldn't even claim it. Also I didn't want to disappointment my mama. She already has too much on her plate. 
" Onika Maraj the doctor may see yo know", the nurse at the desk called out.
I was knocked out of my thoughts. She lead my to the back room into the abortion area. She gave me some clothes to change in for the procedure. 
I as I changed my thoughts raced every which way.

Can I kill him or her?

I am not God so do I have the right to kill this my baby?
Can I leave with myself?

What would my mother say?

A tear fell from my face. Then there was a small knock on the bathroom door. 
" Ms. Maraj the doctor is ready for you now".
I took a deep breathe and mad my decision.

I woke up a cold sweat. Fresh tears stained my face. I was taken back. I looked around the room to see that I was not in the hotel but in the hospital. My clothes where changed into medical scrubs and my body was hooked up this huge machine.

" How the hell did I get here ?" , I thought to myself.

My question was answer when my eyes landed on him. He shifted in his sleep signaling that he was about to wake up. The sun hit his beautiful eyes making them shine. 

" You're awake you've been sleep for about 3 weeks now and-", I cut him off in mid sentence.

Even though he brought me here didn't mean I trust him.

" Look not to be rude or anything but  I don't trust you okay? It seems like every time your around my ass always ends up in hot water and your no where to be found. So you could do my a favor and just leave".

" Look I know your confused right now but just let me explain myself ", he begged.

I shook my head like a stubborn child. " FUCK NO! It's probably because of you is why I'm in here", I have screamed making my throat burn.

" Look Nicki just let me explain -"

I tore my eyes away from him as the door handle began to move and the doctor walked in.

" Good Afternoon Ms. Maraj I'm glad that you've woken up your where in a coma for about almost a month. And you too Mr. Graham. You need to thank this man Onika he saved your life even gave you his blood. 

I looked over to Drake and saw anger and sympathy wash over his face. 

" I'm happy that your feeling better and everything we still got to run a few more test on you to make sure your body is functioning", he continued. " But umm Ms. Maraj I have to some bad news ... " He looked down at his chart as I bit my lips nervously.

 " Let's see due to massive blood lose, injury to the lower stomach, and stress you had a miscarriage you lost your baby I'm sorry".

My mind went blank for a second. I had another miscarriage ... another one of my babies left me again. I could feel the tears willing to escape out of my eyes at any given moment. But I held them back. I couldn't cry anymore. It was my fault. I was the one to blame. 

I looked over to Drake. His face washed with sympathy. I opened my mouth to speak but he cut me off with a apology. 

" Nicki I am so sorry for your lost , maybe if I would of made it on time I co-", I put my hands up to silence his words. I didn't need his apology or his pity.

" Thank for everything Drake but I still need you to go ", I spoke above whisper. 

Pained showed on his face but he didn't object to it. He simply nodded and went on his way. 


6 weeks later....

I sat in my office. My desk was filled with paper work and dirty money. I knew after the traumatic thing I just went through should have slowed my down but it only fueled me to go harder. I needed to reestablish  myself as a Drug lord. If people thought they could fuck with me especially king they had another thing fucking coming. I was banding my money together when I heard a knock on my glass door. 

It was Lee'lee. Me and Lee'lee have grown closer since my incident. She was sorta like my support system through this. " Wassup boo?", I asked her. 

She had a funny expression on her face. " Umm Nic Drake is here to see you".

I rolled my eyes. This boy never gives up. I haven't been in contact with that money since what happened. But that doesn't stop him. He just shows up which in return I shut him down. 

" Tell him I'm busy ", I stated. 

" See I would but he's-".

" But I'm already up here and I see your not that busy so we can talk then", he smirked. 

"Fine, but you have to tell me everything that happened and why your here to 'protect me ' like you said before", I demanded. 

A sly smile grew on his face, " Sure let's put everything out on the table starting with the kiss".

I know really short but, I 'm going to make up for it.... S.N this is Rihanna talking.... I'm going to make a schedule and so I can tell you guys when and when I'm not gonna update. I might not update all the time cause I am a SENIOR in high school and I do have to focus on that. So if I say I update and I don't please don't get made... Thank you- Milli