Sunday, May 20, 2012


" Long time no see baby girl", he said in a husky voice that gave off the smell of hard liquor.

I almost gagged to myself. " What the fuck do you want Kane?", I spat out.

" Oh baby girl why you gotta be like that you know me you had something special way back when", he smirked. I flinched I hated that I actually use to like this sick bastard back in the day.

His name is Jerome but he goes by the hood name Kane. He was one of King's little henchmen that I stupidly got involved with. I could slap myself a hundred times for fucking with his possessive ass just like King.

" Come on Nic don't be like that I you know I still love yo fine ass", his words where slurred. He grabbed her waist roughly and took her into his arms.

" Kane let me the fuck go before I kick yo dick inside out", I muffled in his chest.

He chuckled darkly ," Bitch I suggest you shut the fuck up and hop on this dick before you get hurt tonight".

" What ???" , I felt something cold hit my chest. I know this nigga did not just pull a got damn gun out on me in this fucking club?!!!??!

" Now that you got the message come with me to the back so we can officially get acquainted bae", he smirked coldly.  I gave him a death stare but shoved my way through people to get to the private rooms in the back of the club.

He threw me on the couch and went to lock the door. I sat bugged and waited for him to turn around.

" Now bae come show yo man that you missed him".

" Eitha you drunk or you outta yo fucking mind if you think I'm bout to fuck you in this club".

" Bitch you must not know that I can take yo life away just like that".

" And you must know you ain't do shit to me", I said my voice had no emotion.

" And you what makes you sooo sure that I ain't gonna kill if you don't put out right now"???

I smirked I really had to pull off a good poker face to actually get him to believe I had this place surronded.

" Kane you must not know me like you know me. See I got this muthafucka fully surrounded so you try something you chest gone be filled with bullets holes partna".

I stared back with no expression on my face.

" Bitch you bluffing cuz if you was strapped or had anybody with you yo ass would've been followed back here yet no has ", he grinned.

Shit I thought to myself that sly bastard had me there.

" So you gone pop that pussy or do I have to take it by force ma' ", he questioned me.

I decided to play it cool and go along with sure enough if the timing is right I could unlock the door and bounce.

" Sure am baby come on' come and take a seat next to mama'", I purred.

His faced beamed and his eyes where no filled with lust. I gulped I hope I knew what the fuck I was doing.

He came over to me in long strides until he was right infront of me unbuckling his belt. His pants and soon his boxers fell at his feet and now his tiny ass erect dick was staring me eye to eye. I glance up at him to see a shitting eating grin on his face.

I smiled and kissed the tip of his dick. I know gross as fuck right but I had to do this so I could get the fuck outta here.

 I teased with my tongue. His manly moans started to boom in the room. I knew I caught him in my web. I opened my mouth wide and chomped down hard as fuck on his dick.

He screamed in agony. I took that for my que to peace out. I ran over by the door to unlock the door.

 I was successful and just when  I was about to exit this cunt pulled me back in. I groaned in pain as he swung me around by my locks.

I screamed as he bent my fucking wrist back behind me.

" Bitch you thought you was slick huh thought you was gonna pull a fast one on me ", he bent it back further.

" Ouchhhhhhhh You fucking BASTARD", I yelled.

" Bitch you dying tonight", he bellowed in my ear.

I felt that same coldness reach the back off my head. I heard him load the bullet. I closed my eyes and said a little prayer.



Don don donnnnnnnnnnn! Mmmm zamnn is this the end for Nic. Mmm Idk guess you gotta wait for the next chapter *snickers evilly* Don't worry Imma post soon on this one I actually already got an idea in my for the next chapt. Prolly gone me called "HIM"..... until next time ...ohh if you want updates or sneak peeks follow me on twitter @ItsJamielaHOE