Thursday, September 6, 2012

Sneak Peek !

I looked him in his eyes. They began to change color...into a startling blue color. I stepped back from him  as his whole demeanor shift.  This wasn't the person I was just in the room with, this was a different side of Drake. I could feel his stare burn holes in the side of my face. I glanced up to see him admiring my body making me blush. 
I was the first to speak ," Umm Drake wh-why are your eyes blue".
A sly smirk spread across his face. "Baby my name isn't Drake it's Aubrey", he voice sounded so smooth yet cold and sinster. 
I scrunched my face in confusion. " Well duh nigga of course your name is Aubrey , I know that already", I spat.
He laugh was dark and mono-toned. It sent chills done my spine. 
He shook his head as he spoke. 
" Naw baby girl I am Aubrey no, Drake just Aubrey".
I stared at him blankly as he moved closer to me. I walked backwards until I felt the cold glass on my back. I rested his hands on windows as he head dropped down to my face. I could feel his cool breathe tickle my lips. 
" Onika", the way he said my name sent me over the edge, " Look at me when I'm talking to you", he spoke with so much authority. I tilted my head up getting my head lost into his crystal blue eyes.
" Yes ", I said above a whisper.
" Will you be mine".......

So yeah I started school a few weeks back I.E is why I wasn't post that much. I'm trying to figure out a schedule plan so I can update for you guys so please be patient with me ... Oh if you have a twitter follow me so I can just @ guys when I post k , bye. - Milli


  1. UUUH Okay you need to Fucking update with a full chapter and it better be long!!! I have been waiting a while and I want to know what the hell happens!!!!

  2. Y'all ! I can tell this ones going to be a good one !! Ahhhh, can't wait till you post the full chap. ^.^

  3. This is not a sneak peek but a tease -_-
    Stop playing with my emotions :((

  4. MuthaLova if yo ass dont postttttttt *starts swingin on u*

  5. omg I just started reading this story, and i'm need you to update soon, like right now lol =)

  6. interesting. about time you posted SOMETHING. I wonder why is his eyes changing colors suddenly. he's a bit possessive now but it's cute. i wonder what brought on the sudden change though. i hope you post the rest soon!

  7. New Reader & i Love This Story . Why Are His Eyes Changing Colors Tho ? Post Soon .-Yoamoonika