Saturday, November 24, 2012

Paradise : Preview

The car ride to the private was silent. I guess Aubrey must've done a number on her this morning. I looked over to her to see her gazing out the window. Her profile was beautiful. Everything about was her beautiful. I guess she saw me starring cause when I looked up she had her eyes cut at me.

" Look I'm sorry for what Aubrey did you know how is when he's around you", I stated.

She rolled her eyes and just keep gazing out the window. I sighed as I turned the car into the runway. We pulled up to the jet. My men began to pack our bags into the suitcase department. We both got out I couldn't help to look at her eyes in that sun dress as we boarded the plane.

We both sat apart from each other I sat on the right and she sat on the left.

"Our take off will proceed ", the flight attendant chirped.

We both buckled up and as the plane began to take off. I looked over to see Nic's body tense up. Her face read worry and distress. I unbuckled myself from my seat and went to go sit by her. " Nic are you okay?" She nodded her head sheepishly but I knew she was lying. I unbuckled her from her seat and sat her on my lap. She immediately melted into me.

She stuck her head into the crook of my neck. Not to soon I hears light snores fill my ears I laughed to myself as my body began to succumb to sleep.


"We have landed in Anguilla ", the flight attendant voice rang to the plane.

I began to stretch but my arms where restrained with his. I looked up to see his peaceful face. I smiled at his sleeping state. He looked so cute.
I began absentmindedly tracing his face. I guess he felt me touch on him because he started to stir in his sleep. He open his big beautiful hazel and gave me a small smile.

" hey ".

"Hi, uhh thanks for comforting me on the ride I don't really do planes", I said while fiddling with my fingers. The vibrations from his laugh rattled her body.

" It's okay I like holding you like this.", he said while wiggling his eyebrows. I looked down to see where still in our previous stance. I quickly shot up.

" Uh yea let's get going shall we ", he shot a blank look but proceeded out the plane.

We took a small boat off the island to what he called "Paradise" island.

We where greeted by 3 native island woman dressed in grass skirts and bandeaus. They gave us coconuts filled with this delicious smoothy flavored drink. We walked about a half a mile before we arrived at this gorgeous loft.

" This all you ", I asked. He gave me a kool-aid smile. I rolled my eyes as I trudged my suitcases up to the door. I gasped out loud as I took in the black and gold scheme of the house. "Oh wow Drake this is really beautiful". I said in awe. He nodded in agreement.

"Make yourself at home I'm bout to take a quick shower than we can get our day started", he said while went upstairs.

I shouted okay before going to the kitchen to fix me something to eat. I fixed myself some ice cream and went back into the livimg room. I turned on the t.v and went straight to watching Forensic Falls Marathon. I was right in the middle of a good part when my bladder decided to act up. I shot up stairs not knowing where the bathroom is. I busted into a room when I came face to face with a naked drake. I was so caught in the moment I didn't see him move in closer.

His breathe tickled my ear. " You like what you see ?". I looked up to see his eyes weren't those soft ones I usually see. I swallowed the wad that was stuck in my throat and backed up to the door. " Umm can you uhh please bring back Drake ", I asked nicely. He chuckled darkly. " I think me and Drake both gone enjoy this ", he said while closing the door and locking it..