Monday, April 29, 2013

Blast from the past.

I don't how this muthafucka found my damn number but I was going to find out. A knock came upon my door and then Drake walked in with a tray of breakfasts foods. The platter had French toast , Bacon , Eggs , Sausages , and omelets. I smiled at his kind gesture. " I hope your hungry , I mean you should I gave you a work out lastnight ", He smirked. I rolled my eyes while my face heated up like a tomato. " Keep it cute Drake", I giggled while pouring syrup on my french toast. We ate in a comfortable silence before his phone went off. He gave me a apologetic look before excusing himself and talking the call.

I took out my phone and shot a quick text to my sniper guy and told him to do a overnighter at my house. I don't how the fuck Tameka got my number but this bitch bout to loose her fucking top fucking with me and mine. Tameka use to be my bestfriend through thick and thin she was always there until that bitch betrayed me and ratted me out to Tone like a phony hoe. I swear til this day I was going to off that bitch. I guess I was so intuned to my thoughts I didn't notice Drake walked back into the room. " Babe you okay?", I put up a quick smile and nodded my head. He raised an eyebrow but didn't press the issue.


After we got done eating we took the tour of the city. We went to a bar just a little bit off the shore. Drake ordered us Dices pineapples with Circo. All in all , we was having a good time besides him leaving and taking calls every other hour. I put down me drink ", Drake wassup with you leaving like every twenty minutes ", I questioned him. He sighed and rubbed his hand over his face. " My "fiance" keeps calling me to keep tabs on me and she thinks I'm cheating on her", He said trying to mumble the last part. I scrunched up my face in scowl. " See I knew I shouldn't have done this shit. Yo ole' lady keep calling you and shit make me seem like a homewrecker and stuff nah I want to go home Drake". He put up his hands in defense. " Now you blowing things out of proportion she always checking up on me it's no big deal", he spoke so calmly which pissed me the fuck off. I mugged him ", Naw it is a probably I ain't to be labeled as a hoe when shit start hit the fan ", I spat.

"Girl you better calm yo tone when you speaking to me ", I sized this nigga up so fast until I saw his eyes changed color. " I don't want to talk to you Aubrey ", I gritted out. He wore a half ass smirk on  his face. " Too fucking bad you pissed Drake off so know I'm here", he argued. I huffed and crossed my arms over my chest. " Stop pouting you told old for that shit anyway", I flipped him off as I took my shoes and walk off to the beach with drink in hand. And of course his ass followed I felt his hands creep out my waist. I tried to shrug him off but this nigga had a iron grip on my waist. " Either you gone cooperate and chill or I'm have to put yo ass in yo fucking place Onike your chose ", I spoke softly but hard. I shuddered at his words they low key turned me on. I bit me lips and turned around his arms. " I'll be good ", I spoke lowly. I felt a sharp sting to my ass. "Good girl".


Tameka's POV

I climbed the walls of her house as I began planting mini security cameras of my own around her house. I noticed she has been home in few days but I knew she had to come back home to get some time type of supplies or clothing. I hoped off the lower level roof and landed safely. I took out my phone to make that call. " You got that shit done ", his loud ass voice blared through the phone. " I got it done daddy ", I spoke with a smile. " Good now I got another task for you", I nodded my head as if I could see. " I need you to make a little visit to Alicia Norton". I smirked. " Say no more I'm on it.

These niggas ain't gone know what hit them....