Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baddest Bitch

I sat in my upstate condo awaiting for my ladies. Dem hoes know not to be late when I call yet it's 20 minutes after the time I asked them to be here. Finally I see four figures shuffling through my glass double doors. I see a lot of bags as well. I side eyed them and as they filed in a single line. None of them looked at me all they did was stare at the ground like something was attacking they legs or something. I stopped in front of Crystal which is the leader of the group. Damn I got this bitch shaking in her stilettos. " Crystal wait time is it?" She peered down at her hand and looked at her Iphone clock. "It's 9:50pm Mrs.Maraj.".

"And what time did I tell yall to be here?"

" I at 9:30pm Mrs.Maraj", she said without looking at me. "But...."

I put my hand up to seize her talking. I didn't have time to here their bull shit lame ass lies.

" Get yall asses up stairs and get dressed, and do it in 15 minutes flat no later than that", I said firmly.

They nodded and ran upstairs. I heard shuffle and things being pushed around. I smiled to myself.

No later than 15 minutes later the girls came descending down the stairs. I checked over they outfits and gave the okay to walk out the door. Kesha, Angel, Crystal, and Lee' Lee' all followed as I exited my building. Oh yea I'm also a Realtor. I own a few building and a couple of lofts. But in anyways my driver awaited us and opened the door for us as we got in the BMW.

We rode in silence. We finally reached our destination. When we stopped I gave the girls a stern look. " I want you guys to be careful and watch out for each otha okay no funny shit".

They nodded. " Do everybody got they phones and Nina's", I questioned.

" Yes", they all said in unison.

I nodded and the exited out of the car.

I let out a sigh of relief as drove away from the area. I hate sending them to do that but hey they want money just like I do so I respect their wishes.

I rolled down the window and to the drivers seat. " Miles please take me to the new club downtown please I need a fucking drink".

" Yes Mrs. Maraj".

I leaned back into my seat. I've been hearing about this club all week. Word on the street the owner is the son of  "The Don" owned the place. "The Don"  was sorta like an urban legend here. He was one of the most successful Dope Kings in the business. He made a name for himself by basically branding and expanding his work. No one actual saw or knew his face.

He kept to himself and made sure is family was hella protected. They where never seen or even heard from. To be honest I didn't even knew the nigga had any kids. But apparently he did and that was his son. Which just like his father nobody knew the name of.

I sat anxious in my leather seats. The otha' reason why I'm going to this club is because all da' heavy hitters where there. I needed the more connections because some of "options" where fucking up on they end.

Miles hit a left and we ended up in front of lavish building. It sorta looked like a damn 5 star hotel than a club. I grabbed my pink face mirror from under my seat and checked my face for any smears or smudges. Nope clear as bell. I waited for Miles to come to my door and opened it for me.

I almost gasped at the site of the people standing in line for the climb. That bitch stretched almost two blocks down by Tony's pizza shop.

I smoothed out my dressed and walked forward into the masses.

People gave me many looks as I approached the door. Some where full of lust and need. While otha's was envious and greedy.

The bouncer looked my up and down. I smiled my famous dimple smile.  " Yo my man I have business to attend to in there so if you would kindly let me in handle it that would be fabulous".

He gave me another once over and nodded and pulled up the rope. I heard groans and murmurs as I enter the club. I smiled to myself  its not my fault I was blessed with good looks. I looked around to see every heavy hitter in the game here. I scanned the club looking for a real good connection.

I smiled as I found my prey. Donald "the Dime head" was sitting next to some beautiful ladies seeming to be having a good time a real good time. I strutted over there and approached him with a sweet smile. He gave his girls a look and they left with out even speaking a word.

" The Infamous Mistress", he smiled. " How you doin baby girl?"

" I'm doing find how are you?"

" Gucci living life how I should be, but is it that you need from me today", he asked.

I smiled at his openness. " What I need from you is 4 keys".

I laughed. Which made me frown. " 4 keys girl I doubt you can handle a half...Naw you ain't ready for 4 yet".

I scowled", Baby I bet I can triple yo earnings with that 4 keys".

He lifted a eyebrow, " Oh really".

" Yes"

He scanned my face and to see if I was bluffing.

" Mmmmm uhhh okay Mistress I'll take you up on yo offer but don't fuck up my money or there will be consequences."

"  Of course."

I brought my self up and walked away satisfied. To happy enjoying myself I bumped into to something hard and firm. " Tf man", I screeched.

I looked to see dark eyes peering at me.

" Oh shit".


Sorry to leave it so cliffy but yeah what's a story without one I'll try to update soon - @ItsJamielaHOE

PS Next Chapter is called Warning and I promise it'll be longer :D

Friday, April 20, 2012

Keys Under Palm Trees Part 2

I regained my composure. Never will I care over no niggah. I splashed the water over my reddened eyes. I live by one motto fear no niggah trust no bitch. And I damn sho' ain't bout to fear my life over no lip dick , quick pumper, pit bull tumble dry...... Oh wait let me stop. I finished my shower actually with a smile on my face. Because I have a plan to get the fuck outta here and away from him for good. I lotioned up got my clothes and tip toed to the guest room and fell asleep there for the night.

I was awaken but a earthquake or King's hands shaking the hell of outta me. "Nicki wake yo ass up !!!" I sat there silent eyes still closed hoping he would love but sadly he huge shadow stood over me. " Nic I know yo ass woke no get up and come cook me breakfast girl", he huffed. I rolled over with a cold look on my face. Why don't yo ask one of little hoes to come do it King I sneered. Before a word even came out his he reached under the blankets and grabbed me legs and began dragging me by my legs out of the fuckn bed. Lucky I slithered my legs out of his grasped before I hit the floor. The fuck King I ain't yo got damn slave got off of me you fucked bastard. "Bitch watch yo damn tongue when you speaking to me!!!" No I'm tired of this shit ...I knew I was blowing my original just packing up and leaving out the window. But I didn't care this was going on for 2 years and enough was enough. I got on my feet regained my balance the pain still hurt from last. I pushed past him and went into his bedroom and began packing little shit I do have in his in his crib into my suit case . He paced behind slandering my name and yanking me back trying to get me to stop. If he thought he could control be he couldn't. Finally for what seemed like a forever I finish packing my stuff into two huge LV duffel bags I put on my Fendi boots got off my ass and walked out his room not even looking his way.

As I descended down the stairs I could feel his presence on my back. His hard chest kept bumping into mine. This nigga was really on my neck like what fuck. Yo dude can you back the fuck off of me like seriously. He chuckled bitterly. We hit the last stair he yanked by my hair reeled my body into him. I tried to unclaw his damn mitts from of my locks but dude had a tight ass grip. Yo King let me the fuck go. " Naw bitch you my property now ", he spatted. I swiveled my body around facing him and his mug. I spoke in the a low and sweet voice. Why are you doing this to me Thomas. He winced. Yes I am the only girl that he told his government to besides his parents and family. 

" Don't try to pull that baby shit on me Nic you staying here whether you like it or not". " Remember your my property he traced the king tattoo on my lower back. I regret everyday when I got that bullshit tattoo. He had gotten me high as shit which I don't do. And got me to do it. I managed to get outta of his grasp and ran to the door. He caught me half way by my long locks. He wrapped his fist around it and banged my head on the wall.


My skull exploded with pain but I still regained consciousness. I craned my neck until his hands couldn't twist anymore and he let go. I held my head trying to edge to the door. But he dashed over and threw me ova his shoulder and slammed me on the marble island. Pain shot through my spin. All this beating me up shit wasn't necessary. He choked me in his arms. I kicked my airs and gasped for air. His side was opened so I elbowed him in his side. He doubled over. I took my chance and shot over to the door. And it would be like him to have like 6 locks on the damn door.  I was on my last lock when he clocked me over the head. I took it with all my strength. But when I cracked the door open he shut it quickly. I really needed to do something to distract I turned around and faced him and scanned the area. I grabbed my duffel bag and threw it at him which he let hit him in the head.



I took the chance and dashed outside the door. I ran down the halls through the took the stairs knowing that the elevator would take so long. I ran all I heard was my breathe and heavy foot steps behind me. " Nickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! Bitch if you don't get back her fucking dead you here me dead!!!!" At that point I didn't care I was finally free of this torture lifestyle. I could possibly have a clean and fresh start...


This two part chapter was flashback from Nic. I just wanted yall fill yall in on the info on her come up to her to the drug game. The next chapter will hopefully be posted soon - ItsJamielaHOE

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Keys under Palm Trees

I walked the cold streets of New York carrying a 1 kilo. of snow. I hated when He had me run his ghat damn shit across around town when he has dudes for this shit. I blew out air seeing my own breath. Dammit man I hate this shit but I chose this life so I gotta live with the consequences. I finally hit the lick and walked on my way. I hit his condo and buzzed his room on the top floor. Yeah I don't fuck wit niggahs that ain't on top. I walked through the stairways and and came to a stop in front of a elevator. I pressed Pent house and waited for the room to drop to my stop. As I waited my cell rang off the hook. Damn can't a bitch breathed I huffed. It  was him. He texted me asked where the fuck was I at. I put on a scowl on my face. Niggah if you had to run all over town I doubt you'd be here on time I said aloud. Finally the bell rang and the door opened. I walked down the hall slowly just to piss him off. He had the door opened ready for me. I walked in dropping the 5 ground of the table, taking off my coat and lying on a chair which I sat in. He walked over not even noticing me and counted his stack. It's all there niggah I don't need yo money I blurted out bluntly. Most people would've held they tongues but I don't give a fuck bout' yo feelings. He returned my remark with a scowl.

He finished counting his money and ushered my over with his hand. I sat next him as he snaked a arm around my tiny waist. He gave me a sloppy kiss on the cheek which I wiped off. "You did good bae", he grinned. Yeah niggah I know but you know fucking well that you could've got Hush or Boo to go drop that shit off I said sternly. He just smirked which annoyed me more. "C'mon on Nic you know I like testing you with my things plus I trust you mo' then those niggahs. That made me smile...

Only for a second.

The fuck King I am not a damn student I know how to do this shit with my eyes closed. King was one of the most successful King pins in New York. I met up with him when I was in the low of my lows. He found me selling 10 bags on his turf and kinda uhhh held me captive. But soon I on grew him as he would say and took my under his wing. Thus my official arrival in the Game. He pulled me on to his lap. He left trails of kisses on my neck. I pulled back to get out of his reach but he held me down. I sat there and took my punishment as I called them. Don't get me wrong I like having sex with him but sometimes his attitude just turns me off. He scooped me into his arms and led me the bed. He stripped me down to my birthday suit and did the same to his. I made him grab a condom and which he try to object but I put my foot down. Uh huh I ain't having no kids in this kind of environment.

I just sat that still as had his way with me. He slapped my ass trying to get a reaction which he got a small smirk. Which I guess gave him to permission to pump harder. My body couldn't take it the pain was evident. I screamed for him to stop but he kept going but this time he but his hand over my mouth muffling out my cries and whimpers. After an 1 hour of torture he finally reached climax. He fell on my chest panting. He reached up and gave me a peck on the lips. He pulled out and rolled over on his left side. I sat that until I heard soft snores. I got up slowly feeling pain in my lower abdomen. I turned on the shower and got in. I made sure steam rose from the head of the shower. She scrubbed her body until it turned red. As I cleaned my area blood soaked the clothed. I groan not again. I felt my walls crash. I slide to the floor of the tub. I can't live like this anymore this has been going on to long. But how can I leave when his holds me under his iron grasp. Tears poured down my face. This was the first time that I cried in 6 years.


I'll be posting the full chapter tomorrow readers. ^_______^ - Follow me on twitter -@ItsJamielaHOE

Friday, April 13, 2012

The introduction of a Female Boss

             Hi my name is Onika Maraj  but you can call me Nicki. I'ma make this introduction short for yall okay? I was born in Trinidad but was raised in South Jamaica, Queens New York. My momma was struggling raising me and my brothers. And dad getting caught up in drugs didn't help that much eitha.
       So I grew up very fast . I am very tough around the edges very guarded. And seeing my mother struggle pulling ends meet for us brought the hustla out in me. Which she still can't tolerate. But she knows like I know that I love money and I love taking care of my loved ones and alldat. I love paying me bills, filling her house with groceries and spoiling her cuz' that's what she deserves. The only down fall is that she doesn't know what I really do. She thinks I'm a "Business Woman" or that's what I chose to tell. Believe telling my mother that I'm selling the stuff that's killing me daddy slowly would send her to a early grave which I definitely don't want to see. Plus telling I pimp women on this side wouldn't help neitha.So I'm hiding it until I stack my money to a perfect height. But that day ain't gone never come so hey I gotta do what I gotta do to make money. Seriously out in the city is only two things you can do turn yo self into mogul or hustla. I chose the easiest route and chose hustling. Cuz I learn at a young age that's what I'm good at it. I'm very good at persuading people and getting what I want which isn't that bad if you don't think about it that hard. So this is what I'm going to do until my casket drop. I am the definition of a Female Boss or a Queen Don.


   Sorry for the short intro but Idk what I'm doing here honestly LMFAO. I was very inspired by this one short this person did so I'm giving a go at this one too. Don't worry I'm still doing my other blog this is something to give yall if I don't what to write about the other blog. Any who.... Obviously in this Fan fic Nic is not a rapper/singer/actress/Megastar........ She is a hustla a Boss bitch that takes her work very serious. Well leave comments and tell me if I should keep going....Oh yeah Idk who is going to be Her love interest in this story guess we gone figure this out on the way huh :D - @ItsJamielaHoe